Management Consulting


Management consultants are the warriors of business who lead the field, get ahead of the company and pave the way for your company to grow, after taking into consideration your company’s unique limitations.


What is management and who is considered in management?

Management is a professional service provided to a company that produces goods and services.

Management usually refers to the top administrative personnel that are in charge of making rules and decisions, then set policy for other employees of the company sometimes known as the command hierarchy.

The management team then professionally provides the service of planning, directing, controlling, scheduling, staffing talented people, organizing, executing, and strategy then coordinates the efforts of the employees to accomplish specified goals and objectives, by providing sound leadership with integrity.

Through the expenditure of money to purchase technology, equipment, raw materials the management team guides and empowers the employees to perform tasks that assist in an efficient way to make goods or provide services to a customer base.

This is done for the purpose of achieving above average results of the customer and making a profit for the company.

Management has been described as the art of getting things through the efficient and productive deployment of people.

Management is the ruling body that inflicts its will on the employees to produce in an efficient, effective, timely manner for the primary purpose of achieving a financial profit while being a high integrity, ethical company that is community minded and environmentally conscious.

Management identifies the mission, objective, procedures, rules and policy for the human capital of a business to contribute to the success of the company.

Corporate governance measures the effectiveness of the management team and these results are observed by and become the business of the active board of directors, where the board and the management team interact for the benefit of the shareholders of the company.

Management’s duty is to satisfy a range of stakeholders, which include owners, customers, vendors, local, state and Federal governmental bodies, by demonstrating good corporate social responsibilities.

A well trained manager/leader possesses many skills and talents including heightened interpersonal skills that allow them to communicate, motivate, inspire, mentor and delegate when interacting well with persons they manage.

Management requires decisions about allocating:

Financial and human resources

Efficiencies in production

Pricing products

Satisfaction of the customer and the company bankers


Technology is playing a new role in the process of how management makes decisions.

Through leadership which requires effective communication skills delivered by the company official with personality, people skills, above average intelligence (IQ) and above average emotional intelligence (EQ) who connects well with employees, customers, vendors, board of directors and owners of the company. The person who is able to guide and steer the ship on a straight line toward set goals and objectives. It is through leadership that a company becomes more effective in reaching its goals.


Managers come in all sizes:

Lower level managers

Mid level managers

Upper level managers

Senior management

Top management

The manager CEO

Most companies are organized, supported by an organizational chart that appears in the shape of a pyramid.

The top manager, typically the CEO is the top change agent. The CEO has the responsibility to change and adjust policy and procedure to require the company to perform in a more effective way. That is why he or she was hired. CEO’s who try to maintain the status quo usually have a very short life span at the helm of the company.

Management historically is not totally a business model. Psychology, sociology, human relationships, protecting the environment and satisfying governmental regulations have entered managerial theories of today.

Software developers have attempted to produce management software that will tell the management what to do and what to do next. So far there has been little success and US Companies are reliant upon talented humans with extra ordinary skills.

Canberra Company is available to detangle managerial activity and help get your company functioning well with a well harmonized management team that can get things done and is poised and strategized to grow the company bigger.